Inspired by his native countryside of St-Severe and the family’s furniture store where he grew up, Samuel Desaulniers started designing artisanal/artistical furnitures – mostly tables and lamps – to later persue his creation with DIY electronic & motorized projects – chainsaw powered motorized skateboards as one of them – and more recently Nature² ‘s natural wall tiles. Self-trained product designer, sculptor and surfer at his times, it’s a real pleasure to present you these latest creations.

To create an harmonious relationship between nature and design, between the human and it’s environment is our mission at Nature²
Our tiles displays the beauty of spices and herbs in a refined form, showcasing the lines and textures of natural materials, simply

Let your senses be seduced by raw beauty & infuse the spirit of nature to your walls

Handmade in Quebec, in our studios which run along the St-Lawrence River.

Nature au Carré_mosaique Champ des possibles et tomates1